Nobody can predict the future but thanks to Event Manager Blog report and the Tourism Office of Montreal, we’ve selected a bunch of trends we found interesting for event planners to make their events unique in 2017.

Silent and chill out

Designed by Freepik
Designed by Freepik

With the rising demand of quiet in business and life, this isn’t very surprising that this trend extends in the event planning.
This trend is the result of our noisy and stressful routine. And while people are still looking for social interactions, we realized that quietness and quietude can be the main idea for 2017.
Silence is the perfect way to interrupt or to have a break in your busy life. That’s why you’ll see more and more chilling spaces during meetings and conferences!
We can also expect an increase of yoga and meditation classes as entertainment activities during conferences, training, and seminars.


When virtual reality enhance events

2017 will be the year of virtual reality! This is THE tech trend: forget about physical venues and dive into a 3-dimensional experience.
This way, go one step ahead and work with companies which are able to create an entirely immersive experience that will bring the user at another time of History, or in the Future.
Break standard barriers, be innovative, create your own event planner opportunity by using this technology.

This technology has the potential to transform the events industry. It allows vendors to demonstrate their products without physically transporting them to the event. Sponsors can show ads and videos at literally any location throughout a venue. Brands can create additional immersive experiences around their products, like showing digital people dancing while music blasts from physical speakers” (Source: Fourth Wall Events,  https://www.fourthwallevents.com/6-massive-technology-shifts-happening-events-industry/)


Will the Sharing Economy impact events ?

We are currently living in a decade where people are always looking for alternatives. That’s how the sharing economy is born and so Uber, Airbnb, and Lyft. But, it was only a BtoC process that hadn’t any impact on business life.
We can expect for 2017 a change in habits and find more alternatives solutions for event planning.
Especially in terms of transport.
We found an interesting company : Share the bus. For event participants, save time and money by using a shareable way of transport : use the bus.
Book a seat on a bus, or even create the trip by booking a whole bus and go to your event whether you are attending a conference, a festival or a Graduation ceremony.
Create your own trip and share it with people! It will guarantee a safe and cheaper drive.
Together is better!”


Meeting rooms = dinosaurs ?

Finally, we are also changing events’ formats, venues, and destinations.
In fact, the 2017 trend is to change meetings and events’ location.
Time has come to reverse the current trend and to use the sharing economy (again!) as new locations for Millennials and new generations.
Event Planners are transforming meeting and conference rooms into warmer spaces where you can handle a conference and feel like you’re at home at the same time. Seats are beans bags, rooms are photo studios, apartments with red brick walls…
It will also be the time of “secret places” nobody knows which are completely renovated and transformed for the event. This trend can be associated with the “pop-up” concept we saw increasing with stores and which can be a new trend for 2017 in event planning too. This is a good way to improve your attendee’s experience.

So, through this article, we have noticed that event planners continue to find ideas to create a unique and memorable experience at many points!
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