4 smart new ideas to make your event a success

Listen to your customers, involve them in your event planning and create a memorable experience. Every event planner’s goal is to deliver a personal value for each participant, to create an event that will be talked about even after it’s over.

We’ve put together a list of 4 ideas to create a memorable event in people’s mind: an engaging tool, experiencing innovation, and a new way to offer gifts to you attendees.



The Catch box

1076975_704655436223985_1806382483_oBreaking the barrier between your speaker and the audience can be a powerful method of increasing audience engagement. Let’s face it, not everyone is comfortable standing in the spotlight. For your next event, why not forgot the traditional line at the microphone stand for something a little less formal?  Enter, The Catch Box, a wireless microphone in a colorful, durable, and easy-to-handle shell. This little gadget is livening up events and turning them into dynamic discussions between attendees and speakers. Pass it amongst your audience to create a relaxed and interactive atmosphere, and make the traditional format obsolete. Use it for all kind of corporate meetings, even Q&A sessions to make your event a memorable one.  


Virtual Reality

obcdm70The virtual reality has started seeing widespread interest and novel applications, and its billion dollar market confirms it! Nowadays, it is trending towards becoming a key strategic tool for brand and events communication.

Is there a better way to attract your target audience? Virtual reality makes the customer’s experience more immersive, more real, by positioning the wearer as the subject of the experience, not just an observer.

The VR market is becoming increasingly more pervasive, with brands such as Oculus Rift (the pioneer), Playstation, Microsoft, and HTC leading the development and adoption of the technology.  

This innovation has applications in every line of business, from little startups to the biggest company, from gaming to tourism and beyond.

Where to use it? During exhibitions. You can create immersive experiences for important causes such as road safety or social justice campaigns. You can also create tourism experiences, imaginary spaces, immersive games, or product testing. 

Live Streaming

Source: Live Streaming Workshop @ Glasgow
Source: Live Streaming Workshop @ Glasgow

This is a revolutionary technology for the event market that enables participants to share live video during events they are attending. They can share it on social media pages through different tools. To broadcast your live experience, just use, Periscope, Facebook, or Younow.

The result of this technology is a powerful increase in engagement on social media and allows event organizers to create more valuable content when people can share and talk about it with other viewers!

The most successful live streaming tool is Facebook Live as people can stream live video anywhere and already have an established audience to broadcast to. Live video through social media allows for direct, real-time engagement between the broadcaster and the audience.



The digital swag bag


Far too often, swag bags received by event attendees end up in a trash, that’s why digital swag bags have been created! Thanks to this smart innovation, don’t waste your time filling thousands of paper bags with samples and gifts attendees will forget on a chair after the conference.

So innovate with something new and turn into something people really want!

Digital goody bags are a new trend in event management to improve attendee’s experience in an environmentally conscious manner… Offer virtual packages via email or website, composed of coupon codes, videos and download links that the attendee will receive on their smartphone.

This is a very easy and inexpensive solution to satisfy participants by offering them gifts they’ll love!

This is an example of Digital Swag bags by Event Baxx.