Can Technology Play a Bigger Role in the Event Management Industry?

Thanks to the advances in technology, we are able to carry out innumerable tasks more efficiently than ever. Many of the modern day jobs can be quite difficult to perform without technology whilst many others might not be possible to perform at all.A plethora of tasks in the event management industry have been made easier with the use of technology and many more tasks can be performed more efficiently.


Email Marketing and Social Media allow event planners to reach a larger audience and can be considered as the backbone of marketing efforts made for any modern-day event. It not just helps get the word out about the event but also helps in improving the number of attendees. While these efforts can bring a difference before the event is held, Live Stream the proceedings of an event can help significantly increase the reach of the promotion. A larger online audience can cause significant engagement and increase footfall the same day or get superb reactions in form of likes, comments, and shares online.


Did you know that you can get a robotic bartender in the UK? This itself can create a lot of buzz and also provide you with an efficient booth attendant. Geo fencing is another awesome technology that can be highly helpful when it comes to both large-scale events and smaller business conferences alike. Using the technology you can form a virtual boundary at the venue which notifies the attendees with common or specific messages. You can also use the same for providing internet access to attendees of a business conference, and also request feedback on the experience of attendees when they step outside the venue.


Technology can be utilized to even give a sense of security for the attendees using a Camera equipped surveillance drone for very large scale events. Check out this awesome infographic form Maxi Million that entails various branches of event management where technology can offer effective solutions. As a matter of fact, the role that technology can play in Event Management in the UK can only be limited by your imagination.

Guest post from Sarah Brown.

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  1. We’ve seen that in last 3-5 years events have been changing continuously. These days, the internet and other technology developments play an important role in event success. Thank you for sharing your insight!

  2. From me I will say yes, definitely, and bigger and better changes are still to come. Working in event tech for exhibitions, I am involved in event management and I can say that tech is the future

  3. I believe technology is going to be the biggest disruptor in the event industry in the next 8 to 10 years. The amount of data it will allow event professionals to access, as well as the practical applications it will provide will change the sector, its processes and behaviours like never before.

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