Seek and you will find (Grenadine Sites October Release)

Keywords attached to an item detail card in Grenadine Event Planner
It’s never been easier for your conference attendees to find events that matter to them! The Grenadine team has been working hard all September to bring you a feature-packed update for Grenadine sites focused on helping your attendees find the information that they need. Summary of changes: Filter Events, List View, New and Updated Flags, Calendar Buttons, Venue Maps, Updated Login Screen, Updated Home Page, New Ticket Selling Code Snippets

Filter Events

In addition to filtering only items requiring registration, users of your Grenadine site can now filter through results for each day by event type, room and recently updated items. Filters are retained when switching days, so users can find exactly what they’re looking for.
Grenadine Sites Filters
Grenadine filters panel with updated search bar
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List View

We’ve added a simplified items view for users who just want the essential details. It shows only title, duration and location for each item. Switching views is easy, just click on the “View” button in the search toolbar and select between the available views (expanded and calendar views upcoming).
New list view added to Grenadine sites
New list view added to Grenadine sites
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New and Updated Flags

When you make changes to your published events, rest easy knowing that your conference attendees are aware of the changes. In this update, updated and new items display a status ribbon for 6 hours after you publish your changes.
New and Updated Ribbons
Grenadine sites – Automatically up to date, always.
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Calendar Buttons

Never miss your favourite events again! Users can now export conference and event details to their calendar applications by clicking on the new “Add to Calendar” button. Clicking the button will download an ical file that can be imported into many calendars. Depending on the page, the button will export the whole conference, an individual event, or all your registered events to your calendar with their details.
Grenadine sites events added to calendar after "Add to Calendar" button
Grenadine sites events exported to a calendar
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Event Venue Maps

Let your users know exactly where they need to go for an event! If a venue has an address that can be displayed on a map, we link its name to a Google map of its location. When users click the venue placemark, they can get directions from Google directly to the venue location.
Map of a venue location in Grenadine sites
Map of the venue with a link for directions
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Visual Updates

Updated Login Screen

We’ve made it more obvious to users that they can log into your Grenadine site with their social media account, as well as improved the general look and feel of the page.
Updated Grenadine Sites Login Screen
It’s easier than ever to log into Grenadine sites!
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Updated Home Screen

In this update, the home page of Grenadine sites gets a visual overhaul. A banner image has been added, and your conference details have been given a greater presence. Additionally, if you create and sell tickets for your event using Grenadine Event Planner, we’ll automatically add a button on the homepage to register for the conference.
Grenadine Sites home page gets a makeover
Grenadine sites looking classier than ever!
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“Sell Your Tickets” HTML Snippets

You want to take advantage of the conference registration services offered by Grenadine sites but already have a pre-existing website? Never fear, HTML snippets are here! With a simple copy and paste, you can embed a live ticket purchasing cart in your own web page that enables users to buy tickets for your conference through your automatically generated Grenadine site! Want a button instead? We have you covered! All you need to do is create and publish tickets through your Grenadine Event Planner, and your ready-to-use HTML snippets are automatically generated for you in the “Publishing” section of Grenadine Event Planner.
Grenadine Event Planner Tickets Snippet
“Sell Your Tickets” HTML Snippet
Grenadine Event Planner Tickets Snippet
“Sell Your Tickets” Embedded Snippet
Grenadine Event Planner Register Now Button
“Register Now” Button
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