Event Management Software for Academics

Grenadine Event Planner is a professional event management software that helps you plan and organize events including conventions, conferences, fairs, symposiums and seminars.

The reality of the world of education requires specific responses to specific needs; Grenadine Event Planner features makes it easy to manage certain aspects of this reality, such as:

  • Manage Complicated Schedule: Grenadine is made to manage simple but also large events. For example National Collegiate Honors Council (www.nchchonors.org) organize their annual conference with our planner managing over 800 meetings and 1000 speakers.
  • Multi-users: our Event Management System is designed to allow your team to easily collaborate simultaneously for organizing your events program.
  • Speaker Data Management/Collection: reduce organizers work load by collecting information. You can, for example, ask your speakers to enter their public profiles. And once in the application, this information can be reused for next events.
  • Manage Poster Sessions: your events Programs can include Program items with “child items” to manage poster sessions, symposiums and other types of items that need to be nested within a bigger program item.
  • Internal Funds Allocation: for each event you can attach a charge back account to facilitate internal funds allocations.
  • Taxes: Grenadine allows you to configure and specify the sales taxes that can be used for selling tickets including multiple taxes.

A system should always manage these aspects effectively in order to avoid operational difficulties.

Grenadine is an excellent product. Before this option came around, we used to create our own applications for our customers. It was a lot of work and time to achieve the result our customers expected of us.

Stéphanie Beauchamp
Université du Québec à Montréal , QC

Grenadine includes also the following features:


Plan your event closely with Grenadine Event Planner

Dream big, plan smart, execute fast!

Grenadine allows you to build your event one step at a time, in a structured and organized manner. At all times, keep a clear view on the overall event and ensure get help avoiding making scheduling conflicts.

Equip your team with a solid tool that helps you organize your events and build your program schedule whatever its size and complexity. You are the one in control, and Grenadine Event Planner is there with you, every step of the way!


Promote your event on an event Web site and mobile app

Connect with the world, make your events known to others and collect data from prospective speakers and attendees.

Publishing an event website has never been easier. No programming knowledge required! Be the master of your own and event website and instantly publish any updates or changes with one click! It’s that easy! 

Resourceful, attractive, and useful…make your event website the kick-start of your event! You are the one in control, and Grenadine Event Planner is there with you, every step of the way!

Event registration & attendee and speaker management built into one tool

The first true connection starts with event registration.

Get the ball rolling by getting attendees to start registering. With availability dates, early bird specials or full price tickets, registration is custom-made by you!  

From space-limited program item sign-ups to a full event registration, we offer the flexibility for to meet your requirements.

There’s nothing like seeing an attendee list get fuller and fuller every day!

Event mobile apps with zero extra effort

Native iOS and Android event apps integrated with your event data right from the start.

The Grenadine Event Guide mobile app provides your attendees with a full-featured event assistant before and during the event.

Your event…a fingertip away.

While on the go, the Grenadine Mobile app will be the central point of information for your attendees. Before, during and after the event, keep a real-time connection with your speakers, attendees, exhibitors and sponsors.

From personalized contents to useful information, the mobile app is the guide that will follow everyone, throughout the event.

Go beyond, push the limits with Grenadine event management APIs

A real-time integration to access your event data directly from your systems.

Go beyond pre-made event websites and use our complete suite of APIs to benefit from the features of Grenadine Event Planner in your own software ecosystem.

You have your own system or website, and you need access to your event information. Raise your event to another level with Grenadine’s APIs. Enter information only once, link it with your system, and let the magic happen.

Academics customers trust Grenadine

We contribute to sucessfull events

Be better organized and work from a central integrated plateform


To help you to plan and save time, from venue, speakers and attendees, to scheduling, reporting and publishing, Grenadine Event Manager will assist you in your complex event planning tasks. You will be able to collect data, reduce manual entry, keep track of budgets and tasks and work on your plan more efficiently

Built for collaborative teams

Track everything in a single place. Become the conductor at ease! Facilitate the collaboration within your team members allowing multiple users to work on your plans. While your team works, all of your events plan is kept in a draft mode until you’re happy with it and ready to publish.

Always connected

 You can publish your full schedules on a Grenadine instant event web site, complete with speaker profiles, attendee profiles and self-serve for item sign ups. During your event, the Grenadine mobile applications (available for iOS and Android phones) will allow your attendees to have your full schedule information as well as speaker lists and other essential information in their pocket.

Benefit from our free 15 days trial for academics users