How do I add forms
to my event registration?

How to create forms for people to complete when they register to events?

Registration forms are groups of questions that you can ask a person to answer when they place an order or purchase a ticket, in addition to the default questions that are already asked by Grenadine Event Manager (name, address, email address and payment method). For example, if you need a ticket buyer to tell you if he’s left-handed or right-handed (for a golf tournament), or if he’s vegetarian (for meal planning), if his parents have approved the purchase (for minors), etc. you can create a registration form to ask those questions.

1. Navigate to the “Registration Forms” submenu item.

In Grenadine Event Manager, select an Event and then and navigate to Tickets → Registration Forms

2. Create a new form and choose if it’s for purchasers or for tickets holders

In Grenadine, a form can be for the ticket purchaser or for the ticket holder. In most cases, it will be the same person but sometimes the person registering (ticket purchaser) is not the person attending (ticket holder) and also sometimes the person registering can purchase more than one tickets.

  • Registration form for ticket purchasers: the form will include questions intended for purchasers. Questions included in this form will be asked to the purchaser once for each order, regardless of how many tickets are purchased in his order. Note that all purchasers will need to fill out this form, regardless of the type of quantity of tickets purchased.
  • Registration form for ticket holders: The form will include questions intended for ticket holders.
    Questions included in this form will need to be answered for each prospective ticket holder (i.e. the person for whom the ticket is being purchased), regardless of who is purchasing the ticket.
3. Attache the new form to a ticket type. 

Once the form is created, you will need to associate this for to a ticket type. Go to “Tickets, Ticket Types”, open a ticket and select the form in the field “Registration Form (optional)”, and click on save. 

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