How do I create
a coupon?

How to create a coupon for special tickets?

In Grenadine Event Manager, coupons codes are used to allow a group of people (those who know the coupon code) to see some types of tickets, while others cannot see those same types of tickets. You cannot use coupons to provide rebates or buy x get y freestyle promotions. If you need to provide special pricing (student tickets, early bird, etc.) then you need to create separate ticket types.

1. Navigate to the “Coupon” submenu item

In Grenadine Event Manager, select an Event, then navigate to Tickets → Coupons

2. Create a coupon
  • Click on the “Add” button to create a new coupon 
  • Enter a “Name”, for example “Spring 2017” or “NRC Partners”. Users can see this name when they apply the coupon to their cart.
  • Enter a “Coupon”; enter a unique coupon code, for example, “34564” or “SPRING15” or “NRC_EMPLOYEES”. Don’t use any special or accented characters.
  • Enter the range of dates when this coupon will be available and the number available.  
  • Select the ticket types that will be applied to this coupon.
  • Click on Save
3. Ticket types are hidden by coupons

When a coupon is associated with a ticket, this ticket is no longer visible to the public on the grenadine event website. To see the ticket, registrants must enter the “Coupon code” in the “Promo code” text box on the registration page. 

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