How do I customize
the event website
using CSS?

Customize the Grenadine event website Homepage using CSS

<a href="#t1">1. Navigate to the "Custom CSS" sub menu item</a>
<a href="#t2">2. Enter some custom CSS code</a>
<a href="#t3">3. Preview and/or publish the changes</a>

1. Navigate to the “Custom CSS” sub menu item

In Grenadine Event Manager, select an Event and then and navigate to Publishing → Website Customizations → Custom CSS

2. Enter some custom CSS

To customize the title’s display, simply click on the “Edit” button. From there you can enter CSS to per example customize the color of the title:

<p># Example: change the event title color on the Homepage</p>
<p># Example: hide the event title on the Homepage
display: none;

3. Preview and/or publish the changes

Once the code is saved, you can preview the changes by clicking on the “Preview” button right next to the “Custom CSS” page title.

Once ready to update the event website, click the “Publish” green button right next to the “Custom CSS” page title.

 Do not forget to click the “Publish” green button or your changes won’t be reflected.


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