Event Location
(Venues and Rooms)

Navigation: <strong>Event Manager -> <i>Select an event</i> -> Venues</strong>

The “Venues” page allows you to list all the venues where your event will take place.

Venues can be hotels, convention centers, office locations, etc. Add one or more venue names by clicking on the “Add Venue” button and then add the various rooms within each venue that you will use for your event.

Many events will be held in a single venue and most will use several rooms within that venue, but Grenadine Event Management Software also works with larger events that are held across multiple venues. Later on, you will use the venues and rooms to schedule your items and presentations, but for now, just entering the list will set the baseline for what you have to work with.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while you’re entering your list of venues and rooms:

  • One room can have many setups but you can specify a default setup for that room, i.e. the usual setup, or the setup that will be used the most often. A “setup” is just a word used to describe how the room is laid out inside, for example with large round tables, with theatre-style seating, etc.
  • If you specify the capacity of each room, you’ll be able to use this information later on in your reports to see if you’re likely to go into a setup with rooms that are overbooked
  • Use comments to put in reminders to you and your planning team about a specific room

Not too sure about where some items or presentations will take place? You could create a venue called “Offsite” and your team will know that this is not in any of the other venues but that the exact place is not planned or tracked within the Grenadine Event Planner.

Street addresses for your venues

While you’re specifying the venues where your event will take place, we suggest taking a few moments to enter a physical address for each venue. When you specify a street address, the Web sites generated by Grenadine for your event will display the address as well as a map for your attendees.