Register/unregister attendees

How to register/unregister attendees in Grenadine Event Manager

1. Navigate to the “People” page and select a person

In Grenadine Event Manager, navigate to Your event → People. Once in the “People” page, you can use the filters below each grid’s column header then click on the name of a person to select this person. A right panel will appear to display the detailed info of this person. 

2. Edit registration status and info

In the person’s detailed panel, the first tab named “Summary” contains a section called “Registration” that displays the registration information of this person. If this person is registered a “Yes” green flag will be displayed.

You can click on the “Edit” button to update the following fields: 

  1. Registered“: check this box if this person is registered for this event. This box will be checked automatically when a person purchases a ticket.
  2. Registration number“: enter the registration number for this person. This number will appear automatically if the person purchases a ticket.
  3. Registration type“: enter the registration type for this person (General admission, student, etc.).
  4. Publish profile“: If this option is selected, this participant has accepted to share their name, picture and biography (if available) on the public event calendar.

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