Importing lists of people into Grenadine

Import a CSV file into your event’s People screen

When you have a list of people that exists somewhere on one of your computer systems and wish to import it into the Grenadine “People” list, you can provide a CSV file and import that directly by mapping individual people fields. The following fields can be imported into your event’s “People” list:
  • Prefix – The prefix to the name, for example, “Mr.”, “Ms.”, “Dr.”
  • *First name – This field is mandatory.
  • *Last name – This field is mandatory.
  • Suffix – Name suffix, for example “Sr.” or “MD”
  • Job title – Job title, like “Director”, “Marketing Assistant”, etc.
  • Company –  Name of the company or the organization
  • Street address (line 1) – First line of the address. Example: 4529 Clark Street
  • Street address (line 2) – Second line of the address, for example “Suite 201”
  • City
  • Zip code or postal code
  • State or province
  • Country
  • Phone
  • *email – This field is mandatory.
  • Registration number – A registration number for this event, if you have one (sometimes, you may have a registration number provided by a 3rd-party registration system)
  • Registration type – A type of registration. For example, you could put “Student”, “Advance-purchase”, “Exhibitor”, etc.
  • Unique ID – A unique number that represents this person in the 3rd-party system from which you are importing the data. If your system has a unique identifier, and you re-import this data later, we will not create duplicates for a person, even if part of the person’s name has changed.

File Format

Your file must be in a comma-delimited file format with an extension of “.CSV“. If your values contain special characters such as accented characters or Chinese/other foreign characters, please make sure that your file CSV is saved using UTF-8 encoding.

Sample Files

Here are two sample files that can serve as starting examples: