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We know that conferences take lots of time to organize and plan, and we know that sometimes there will be endless opportunities for you and your team to view, review, change and review your schedules again. For this reason, Grenadine Planner works in draft mode until you decide that you are ready to publish your information to the Grenadine mobile apps.

What is draft mode?

Draft mode is simply a temporary area where the Event Planning Tool keeps track of all of your additions, changes and deletions but does not immediately publish them. Here are the steps to work on draft conference plans:

  • Use the Event Planner to add, remove and change items, people and schedules
  • Review your lists and schedules with your planning team
  • Make any other changes, as many as required
  • Once you are ready to publish, head on over to Publications → Online and hit “Review items to be published”
  • Do one last confirmation check on screen (recent changes will be listed)
  • Hit “Publish” and your conference information will go live!

That’s it! Within the next few minutes, all of your confirmed changes will be published and users of your conference mobile apps will see updates the next time they access the app.

What do I need to do to enable Draft Mode for conference planning?

Nothing. Draft mode is enabled by default in all installations of the Grenadine Event Planner.

Changes to my schedule are not showing up. Why is that?

Have you review and published your changes? Head on over to Publications → Online and hit “Review items to be published”. Once you’re happy with your changes, hit “Publish” and your new schedules will be published momentarily.

I published but one of my change is still not showing up!

Did you de-select “Print” on the item or participant page? Selecting “Print” instructs the planning system that an item or participant is meant to be published (on paper or on mobile app), whereas de-selecting “Print” tells it that this item is not meant for publication. Simply go back to the Participants or Program Items screen, select your item and check the “Print” check box. Then proceed to publish as normal.

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