Roles-based access control

Grenadine User Roles-based Access Control

Here is a high-level overview of user rights in Grenadine Event Management Software:


  • check-in user can only use the “check-in” screen and check-in mobile apps to check in people at your event.


  • A viewer can view the information in the system but can not execute any actions such as changing things, moving items in the schedule, sending emails, etc.


  • Same thing as Viewer (see above), but can also manage tags for surveys


  • same as Viewer, and can also manage:
  • Addresses (postal, email, phone)
  • Biographies
  • Formats
  • Invitation Categories
  • Items
  • Pending People Import
  • People
  • Registration Details
  • Roles
  • Rooms
  • Surveys Review
  • Tag Contexts
  • Tags
  • Venues
  • Survey Reports
  • Planner Reports
  • Availabilities (and available dates)
  • Excluded Items
  • Equipment Types & Needs
  • Publish the programme
  • Query the Survey
  • Survey Reports

Super Planner

  • same as Planner, AND
  • Tag Admin for Surveys
  • Create and Manage Surveys
  • Drop and Add from Items


  • Can do everything in the system, including
  • Setting payment account information
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