Event App Screenshots

Native event apps for iOS and Android

The Grenadine event mobile app can be used for various styles of events, such as:

  • User groups
  • Conferences
  • Conventions
  • Festivals
  • Training events

Users that use the mobile app and identify themselves by logging in can not only browse the schedule, list of speakers and see other event information. They can also:

  • Register for space-limited items (presentations that have a limit to how many people can attend)
  • See items to which they are assigned as a speaker
  • See items to which they are assigned as a moderator
  • See add-on items for which they have purchased a ticket (some add-on items may require the purchase of a ticket to attend)

Moreover, users can sync their schedule back and forth between their mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, and Android) and the Grenadine event web site.

Event app screenshots

Here are sample screenshots of the Grenadine Event Guide using sample event data: