Grenadine Event Manager Certified as a Leading Event Management Software

Our hardworking team at Grenadine Event Manager spends day and night continuously working to make our very own event management platform the best choice for businesses on the market. Apparently, we’re one step closer to achieving our dreams. A reputable SaaS review website commended Grenadine Event Manager as a leading event management software and awarded us with their Great User Experience and Rising Star awards for 2018.   Experts from SaaS reviews platform CompareCamp work tirelessly in analyzing the software solutions on the market to help businesses make better decisions in choosing a suitable platform for their operations. For them, Grenadine Event Manager is a top choice in the event management software market as it helps users to effectively “manage all stages of an event right from planning down to execution,” thus eliminating the chaos that arises from managing events. This is exactly the reason why we received their Great User Experience certificate, granted to software systems that are quite intuitive for facilitating one’s processes. But exactly how does Grenadine Event Manager help you better manage events? Here are some of the ways our event management platform can help, according to CompareCamp:
  • Market your events – With Grenadine, users are equipped with a portal for marketing their events. This platform allows you to “plan and schedule multiple events simultaneously.”
  • Create event websites – Through our web marketing service, you can create your very own event website, complete with sign-up snippets.
  • Transparency – Grenadine “automatically marks all payments for tax which helps you maintain your books in a transparent manner.”
  • “Powerful reporting tools” – With Grenadine, you can measure event success and easily filter for crucial data.
So, if you haven’t tried our software yet, what are you waiting for? Plan, manage and measure successful events today with Grenadine Event Manager.