“Bill me later” for event registration

“Bill me later” (or send an invoice), and other forms of offline payments for event registration

At Grenadine Event Manager, we have many customers who regularly ask for an option to have attendees and prospective attendees to their events pay through offline means. This is because customers (attendees) are sometimes corporations or organizations that don’t have a credit card, or worse, don’t allow credit card expense accounts. Event planners ask us if attendees could pay through one of the following payment methods:
  • Send a check through the mail
  • Send a wire transfer through their bank
  • Pay in cash (in person)
  • Send payment through interco or other private means
  • Send a transfer through other country-specific payment mechanisms such as Union, Tencent or Alipay (all in China)
Although Grenadine supports a variety of online payment providers for registration, there’s no way to support them all, and of course, there will always be those who need to pay offline altogether. For those situations, we will soon support “bill me later” (I’m writing this as of April 2018).

How does a registration work with “bill me later”?

When you select “bill me later” as an acceptable payment method, your prospective attendee can go through a normal registration process, but the process will be incomplete (i.e. suspended) towards the end of the registration. Your attendee will go through these steps while checking out:
  • Select the appropriate ticket type or conference pass
  • Click on the “checkout now” button
  • Identify himself
  • Fill in all required information, including any custom registration forms that you may have
  • When in the “payment” screen, select “bill me later”
At this point, Grenadine Reg will send an “order confirmation” both to the attendee and the event organizer. Because the ticket is not yet paid, no ticket will be attached to the order confirmation, and the order will be put in the “unpaid” state. Some text will also appear, explaining to the attendee how he or she can send payment. When appropriate (hopefully soon!), the attendee sends payment to the event organizer. When you receive payment, simply go to the order screen, locate the order for which payment was received, and click on “payment complete”. The order will then be marked complete and the attendee will automatically receive his ticket to attend your event.