Create special tickets only available using Coupons

You can create special classes of tickets, or reduced-priced tickets, that are only available with “Coupons“. Coupons are used to allow a group of people (those who know the coupon code) to see some types of tickets which are hidden from everyone else. Coupons are useful if you need to provide special pricing (student tickets, early bird, etc.), provide discounts or create special promotions such as “buy 1 get the second free“. In order to do that, you need to create separate tickets that will not appear by default in the list of available tickets on your web site. Tickets with coupons will be hidden unless someone uses the proper code to make them visible in the list of tickets.

How to create a coupon

To create a coupon go to the Grenadine Event Planner, select and event and go to “Tickets / Coupons”: Once you’re on the coupon creation screen, simply fill in the blanks:
  • Give a name to the coupon
  • Enter the Coupon’s code (that is the code that you will distribute to users)
  • Fill the availability dates and number of places available
  • Select the ticket types that will become visible when a person enters this coupon code.
  • Click on “save changes“.

How to apply a coupon

To apply a coupon, go on your event web site and click on the registration page. Enter the coupon code you just created and tada! The ticket will be visible in the list of available tickets. Please contact us if you have any questions.