Using registration forms to collect extra information from your attendees

When you open a registration for your event, it’s nice to be able to collect not only basic information such as a name and an address but also extra information that’s more specific to your event. For this, Grenadine offers event registration forms. A registration form is a set of questions that can be asked during  the registration, for example:
  • What is your association membership number?
  • Do you have special dietary requirements?
  • Do you need wheelchair access?
  • Will you need childcare?
  • What are your areas of interest?
  • Do you want to subscribe to our mailing list for news about this event?
  • etc.

Who should you ask the information from?

Before sitting down and starting to enter questions in your registration form, it’s worthwhile to ask yourself: who should answer these questions? This may seem obvious at first, but may not be as straightforward as you think. In Grenadine event planner, there can be more than one person involved in a registration:
  • The purchaser
  • The ticket holder(s)
The purchaser is the person who will be buying and paying for the ticket. This is roughly equivalent to the typical billing information section that you fill out when you shop at online stores. The purchaser pays for the ticket, but this does not necessarily mean that he will be the ticket user. For example, an assistant could be buying a ticket for her boss, or a father could be buying tickets for his kids. Of course, the purchaser can buy a ticket for himself, which is a frequent case. The ticket holder is the person for whom the ticket is purchased, and who will be attending your event. Each ticket sold will have the name of the ticket holder printed on the ticket. The ticket holder is not necessarily the person who paid. So when you design your questions, the first thing to ask yourself is: do I want to ask the purchaser? or do I want to ask each ticket holder? If you are organizing an event that requires the purchaser to be a member of an association or a group, then perhaps you could ask the purchaser to provide their membership identification number, without really caring about the membership status of ticket holders. If you wanted to know about an attendee’s dietary requirements, then this is a question that’s more appropriately asked from each ticket holder, since these are the people who will attend your event. So this is why Grenadine offers purchaser forms and ticket holder forms. Purchaser forms are used to ask questions to the purchaser, and ticket holder forms are used to ask questions to each ticket holder.

What questions do you need to ask?

Now that you’ve established who should answer questions, it’s time to build your registration form and add questions. By default, Grenadine will ask the following questions: Purchaser
  • First and last name
  • Organization / company (optional)
  • Email
  • Street address
  • Country
  • State / province
  • City
  • Zip / postal code
Ticket holder
  • First and last name
  • Email
  • Organization / company (optional)
So for all of these questions, there’s no point in re-asking them through a custom registration form. For all other questions that you may want to ask, navigate to Tickets -> Registration forms and create a purchaser registration form or a ticket holder registration form. You can add as many custom questions from the following question types:
  • Text field (a simple text field)
  • Text box (a longer text field that can hold multiple lines)
  • Single choice (a set of questions with radio buttons, from which only one option can be selected)
  • Multiple choices (a set of questions with checkboxes, from which many can be selected)
  • Selection box (a drop-down menu from which you can select one option)
  • Phone (a special field that collects phone numbers, with proper validation)
Note that you can only create one purchaser registration form, but you can create as many ticket holder registration forms as you like (one for each set of questions/audience, as appropriate).

How to determine where the questions will appear

Now that you’ve got your registration forms built, it’s time to tell Grenadine where to place the questions. Here’s how this works.
  • Purchaser form: this form will appear for every purchaser, all the time. This is the only option available. Since you’ve determined that purchasers must answer these questions, and everyone is a purchaser, then it follows that all of them will get presented with these questions.
  • Ticket holder form: these can be attached to whatever ticket type you like. Navigate to Tickets -> Ticket Types, select a ticket, edit it and choose the registration form you want from the ticket type editing dialog.  For example, you could say that the “Student” ticket should answer the questions found in the “Student questions” ticket holder registration form. Attaching different ticket holder forms to different ticket types will allow you to vary the kinds of questions that you need to ask attendees, depending on what kind of attendee they are.