01 – First steps

As a first step to getting your event plan started, we recommend doing the following:
  • Go to Settings -> System Settings (accessible from the top right of the screen) and run down the series of system wide options to make sure that they match the setup that you need. In particular, check the following:
    • Go to Email Addresses and check that the Info Email, Reply-to Email and test email are correctly set to addresses that make sense for you. You can put any address that you own in here. If you want to change the “From Email”, you’ll need to contact Grenadine because there is a setup required to authorize us to send email on your behalf, but all other addresses can be set as you wish.
    • If you will be selling tickets, go to Payment Processing and link your Stripe.com payment account. This is required so that we can deposit funds directly in your account every time a ticket is sold.
    • Go to Finance and make sure that the default currency is set to your preferred currency. This is the currency that will be used to count your income and expenses, and also the currency that will be used to sell your tickets.
  • Once your general setup is done, you can now go to the main Dashboard by clicking on the Grenadine Event Planner logo on top left of your screen and create your first event from there. To create your first event:
    • Click on the “+Add” button and fill in the required information to create your first event. Then, click on your event name from the screen and start planning your event. This includes:
    • Go to Venues and add at least one venue to your system. A venue is a place where your event will take place, like a hotel, convention center, etc. You can add the first venue that you will use for your event here. For each venue that you add, make sure that you add at least one Room. Venues and rooms are required to schedule calendar items for your event.We recommend adding a physical street address to your venue, so that it will be displayed on a Google map when you publish your information
With those initial steps completed, you’re all set to begin planning your event!