Importing a list of people into Grenadine Event Manager

Importable fields

The following fields can be imported into the Grenadine Event Planner:

Information Field Name Comment
Prefix prefix The prefix to the name, for example “Mr.”, “Ms.”, “Dr.”, etc.
First Name first_name Person’s first name
Last Name last_name MANDATORY: Person’s last name
Suffix suffix Name suffix, for example “Sr.” or “MD”
Job Title job_title Job title, like “Director”, “Marketing Assistant”, etc.
Company company Name of the company or the organization
Address Line 1 line1 First line of the address. Example: 420 Beaubien Street West
Address Line 2 line2 Second line of the address, for example “Suite 203”
City city City
Zip code or Postal Code postcode Zip code or postal code
State or Province state State, province or region
Country country Country
Phone phone A phone number
Email Address email An email address for the person
Registration # registration_number A registration number for this event, if you have one (sometimes, you may have a registration number provided by a 3rd-party registration system)
Registration Type registration_type A type of registration. For example, you could put “Student”, “Advance-purchase”, “Speaker”, etc.
Unique ID from 3rd-party system datasource_dbid A unique number that represents this person in the 3rd-party system from which you are importing the data. If your system has a unique identifier, and you re-import this data later, we will not create duplicates for a person, even if part of the person’s name has changed.

File Format

Your file must be in a comma-delimited file format with an extension of “.CSV”. If your values contains special characters such as accented characters or chinese/other foreign characters, please make sure that your file CSV is saved using UTF-8 encoding.

Sample Files

Here are two sample files that can serve as starting examples: