Event Guide’s New Features for Android

As you already know, the Grenadine Event Planning System provides native mobile apps for conference attendees and participants. The Grenadine Team is working consistently to maintain and improve mobile apps and the web system. We recently released the last version (1.0.42) of the Event Guide available on Google Play and here are the new features and changes that have been made:

Past Events and Auto Navigation

Upon the opening of the whole schedule and personal program, the user is automatically guided to the current date and time, saving him time and leading him directly to the accurate event. Besides, on events which have already occurred, we include a statement to notify the user that these events are in the past.

Signup items

The mobile app now supports sign up for limited-space sessions. The user can directly register to some events from his phone. android_signup

Filtering Schedule and Search

As you can describe the program items with formats and keywords on the planner, we integrate a filter button based on those attributes. The user can filter the whole schedule on his preferences, which is also reflected on the search. android_filter

General Enhancements

We made some adjustments to make the app more responsive: the New and Updated section is now in sync with the iOS app and the web platform, large program’s loading has been improved. To be more consistent, we also change the look of the cards to make them look like the iOS app and we add some menu icons to emphasize on the principal used sections. android_enhancements Coming soon: the iOS level up, stay tuned!