Event Guide’s iOS level up

In order to improve the Event Guide, we continuously upgrading mobile apps. We previously made an Android release of the app, see our post about its new features. As we’re making sure that the iOS and the Android apps handle the same features, we recently released the last iOS version of the Event Guide available on the Apple Store, with the same functionalities: Past events and Auto navigation, Signup items, Filter, Sync, Exhibitors and sponsors. Let’s have a look at some of the updates we’re releasing:

Filtering Schedule and Search

As your program items can be describe using formats and keywords on the Grenadine Event Planner, we implement a filter button based on those attributes in our mobile apps in order to let your attendees filter the whole Schedule on their preferences. The result is also reflected on the Search. ios_filter

Exhibitors and Sponsors

The apps are now able to display the Companies related to your event as a card. Each information that you complete on the Grenadine Event Planner will be reflected on the apps at the right section of Exhibitors and Sponsors. ios_exhibitors

General enhancements

As usual, we also made some improvements to make the app more responsive. Try it and see for yourself! Coming soon: a look at the synchronization of your attendees’ personal schedule on all of their devices, stay tuned!