Overview of the Event Planning
Process in Grenadine

Planning a conference with the Grenadine Event Management Software is carried out in a series of logical steps. While the software does not impose a one particular workflow, we suggest the following steps that will help you get started:

  1. Enter general information about your conference
  2. Enter the list of venues and rooms that you will be using
  3. Put in a list of your participants, along with their bio, picture, availability, etc. As a quick way of getting started with your list of participants, you can also import people from a CSV file.
  4. Optional (advanced functionality): Collect information about your participants and their interests/availabilities through email surveys
  5. Assign participants (presenters/panelists) to your items
  6. Schedule your items and resolve scheduling conflicts
  7. Author some contents that you will want to make available on the conference mobile apps
  8. Publish your schedule which makes it available to your Website, an automatically-generated Grenadine Website, and the native iPhone and Android apps
  9. Enjoy running your conference!

Grenadine provides the flexibility to build your event as you go along – you can enter item ideas and people at any time. You can go back to a previous step to add, change or remove data. Also, since the Grenadine Event System works on draft versions of your conference information and schedule before you ever need to publish, you will always be able to review and correct a mistake before it actually gets published to the mobile apps.

In addition to this high-level introduction to Grenadine features, we also have a detailed Tutorial which will document all features of Grenadine.

Other planning activities

On top of the regular planning steps listed above, the Grenadine Event Planner also allows you to keep track of several other types of information. These include:

Accessing the Event Planner

During your sign-up process, you will have chosen an URL specific to your event that looks something like this:


where “your-company” is the name or abbreviation of your company and “your-event-name” is the name of an event you are planning. Depending on your chosen plan, you may plan one or multiple events at the same time.

To get started, go to your event planner address and start by entering some general information about your conference.

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