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Grenadine Event Planner is a 100% cloud-based solution
that requires no special software to set-up on your computer.
Choose a plan that's right for your event planning team.

This page shows our standard pricing, please note, we offer special pricing for Universities, Corporations and Sci-Fi Conventions. If you want to try our solution, select one of the plans below and click on the “Start a free 14-day trial now!” link.

Ticket Seller

for event planners

(no monthly
subscription fees)
  • $1+2.5%
    per ticket sold

    (max of 10$ per ticket)
  • For people who need to
    sell tickets and check attendees in to their event
Start selling
tickets now!

Tier I

per event planner*/month

on annual plan)
  • $1+2.5%
    per ticket sold

    (max of 10$ per ticket)
  • For people who need a full set of event planning tools, as well as ticket selling

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14-Day trial now!

Tier II

per event planner*/month
(6 months min.)

on annual plan)
  • $1+2.5%
    per ticket sold

    (max of 10$ per ticket)
  • For people who plan events and publish websites and Mobile apps for their attendees
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Tier III

per event planner*/month
(6 months min.)

on annual plan)
  • $1+2.5%
    per ticket sold

    (max of 10$ per ticket)
  • Full set of planning tools, publishing on web and mobile, API use and Platinum support.
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Ticket Seller Includes

  • Grenadine Event Manager

  • Grenadine Website
  • Registration

  • Grenadine Mobile Apps
  • Event Check-in

  • Grenadine Registration
  • Free and Paid Tickets
    (click here for ticket pricing)
  • Credit Card Processing (Stripe or Paypal)

  • Unlimited ticket types
  • Registration forms

  • Bronze Support
  • Email

  • Add-ons

Tier I includes

Tier II includes

Tier III includes

* an “event planner or “user” is an event planner who uses the Grenadine Event Planning system to plan an event or publish information about an event. There is no limit for attendees or participants.

** Phone support is offered 9h00 AM to 5h00 PM EST

*** one authorized email address from your domain.  Notes:

  • An “item” is something (a meeting, a presentation, etc.) that is in your event schedule.
  • A “participant” is a person (presenter, attendee, employee, technical assistant, etc.) that you need to keep track of within the Grenadine Planner.
  • Email support is offered through either through support@grenadine.co or through our online support tool. See support page.


Possible Add-ons

Add-ons Setup fee ($) Monthly fee ($)
Use a custom URL for your Grenadine event web site (fee per custom URL) $99 $10
Send emails using any email addresses for your domain **** $349 $59
Use Paysafe to sell your tickets (tickets fees invoiced monthly) $499 $107

**** There may be some setup or authorizations required on your part for your DNS provider. The fee is per SSL certificate update (renew, update, …). 

Enterprise Solution

Do you need to discuss special requirements? Here are possible enterprise development or integrations:

  • Other payment gateways
  • Sponsored development
  • Custom URLs
  • Branded event guide mobile apps
  • Integration with corporate mail servers
  • 3rd-party authentication providers
  • Help with API integration
  • Custom support agreements

Enterprise Solution

Contact us

Need special requirements?


14-Day free trial available

We offer a 14-day free trial for evaluation. Choose one of the plans below that fits your needs and click on “Start your free trial now!” to get full access to our solution.

At the end of the trial period you have two options:

  • Option 1: You wish to continue using our solution. your monthly Grenadine subscription will start. Your data will be preserved and you will be able to continue in the same environment without any interruption.
  • Option 2: You do not wish to continue using our solution. Then just send us a quick note at info@grenadine.co and we will cancel your subscription immediately.

Grenadine support good causes 

At Grenadine we offer special discounts to support people in the world who are doing good things. Please contact us for more information.