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Grenadine Event Planner pricing

Grenadine event planner is offered as a subscription service and there is no software to install on your computer. Fees are charged on a monthly subscription basis for event planners. In addition, there may be a per-ticket fee event registration, depending on the price of your ticket and whether you choose to absorb ticket fees or pass them on to attendees. Those who need to carry out both event planning and ticket sales must first subscribe to an event planner monthly subscription and will carry out ticket sales when necessary in their event planning process. Because planning and registration are tightly integrated into a single platform that includes an attendee portal, a speaker portal, logistics planning and a mobile app, Grenadine does not offer stand-alone event registration at this time.

Plan Events

Three subscription options for those who need
to plan one or more events

Starting at $79.95 per month.

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+ Event Registration

Fees for events that also need to sell tickets and register attendees *

Starting at $0 per ticket.

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* Requires a base subscription to Grenadine Event Planner