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One click to publish an event website and an event mobile app

Sharing and publishing information is part of your event success. Grenadine makes this easy thanks to a built-in event publishing tool that will help you get information from your audience, share important information with your guests, publish your speaker biographies and let attendees get information on the go. Forget about lengthy web site building or complicated data entry for mobile apps. Use Grenadine to get it done automatically through integrated websites, mobiles apps, or by using our HTML snippets and APIs.

Resourceful, attractive, and useful…make your event website the kick-start of your event! You are the one in control, and Grenadine Event Planner is there with you, every step of the way!

Making event information public in one click

 Grenadine creates a website and an event app for your event automatically.

centralize information

Give participants the power to consult their event schedule and general information on multiple devices thanks to a responsive web design website and a mobile app.

Synchronize Event information

Last minute changes are not stressful anymore. Make changes and publish them immediately.

Publish data on your existing website

Display event schedules on your own website thanks to HTML snippets or make it a custom solution by using Grenadine event APIs.  

Web Development

Integrated Website

Grenadine’s Instant Event Websites have been developed with your event’s participants in mind. Guests, speakers, and attendees will easily be able to find the information that matters to them, including venues, item times and speaker biographies. Attendees can also build their own schedule or sign up for space-limited items.

Android and iOS

Friendly mobile event apps

Grenadine Event Planning Software offers native mobile apps dedicated to your event which can be downloaded on both iOS and Android platforms. These mobile apps allow organizers to provide general conference information to their guest, speakers, and attendees. They also allow attendees to build their own schedules or sign up to attend space-limited program items.

Draft/published process so you don’t have to worry about inadvertently publishing unfinished plans

Grenadine Event Planner is built for teams, and we know that team members sometimes make changes that are not final, or not meant to be published. Using our “draft” mode, event organizers can change program item times, locations, and assign or reassign speakers without needing to publish results without first checking if there are issues. Make as many changes as you need, and only publish when you’re ready to make them public. 

Event planning in a draft mode 

Insert schedules in your own web site

HTML Snippets

The Grenadine Event code HTML snippet allows you to publish an always up-to-date version of your schedule on your event site, regardless of whether it’s built on WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or even plain old HTML. Grenadine schedules are always up-to-date and refresh automatically at every page load.

For Events. Items. Venues. Etc.

Event Management APIs

Our Event Planning Software offers a complete suite of event data APIs for event planners who already have their own event website and mobile app. Event APIs can be used by your developers to retrieve and send event data back and forth between the Grenadine Event Planner and your custom system. All data is always up-to-date and coded in industry-standard JSON/REST APIs.

Trusted by event professionals for all types and sizes of events

The app is very useful for all participants and for the planners. I appreciated the continuous improvement of the functions and the help of the team.

Laura Pellion

With Grenadine, our clients are completely autonomous within a few minutes of using this platform and with more functions than they used to have before.

Stéphanie Beauchamp
Université du Québec à Montréal

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