Grenadine Event Mobile Apps

Grenadine event mobile apps

The Grenadine Event Planning System offers native mobile apps for conference attendees and participants on both the iOS and Android platforms. These mobile apps allow organizers to provide timely conference information, help documents, information on dining and accommodations and other useful tips and references. The mobile apps present the conference schedule on a day by day basis enabling attendees to easily search through conference items and presentations. Presenters are linked to their respective presentation items, and the mobile apps allow each presenter’s biography and picture to be searched for and displayed as required.

All information can be updated on a continuous basis and made immediately available online. You can also send last-minute messages to mobile app users by using push messages.

A Mobile App Customized For Your Event

Grenadine Event Planner provides you with the ability to customize the theme of the event apps. You can make the apps reflect your branding through customizing the color scheme and images used. You can select default images for each event type or select suitable background images. You can determine the display size of individual events in order to make special events (keynotes, etc.) stand out visually. Customization can be done on a per conference basis and applied to the mobile application without the need for a new deployment.

Custom mobile apps for conventions and conferences

While your graphics designers work on the color theme, they can preview the changes within the browser and publish them immediately to the mobile apps.

Decorative imagery

Using our event apps, organizers are also able to display specific deco-images for different items. This can, for example, be a sponsor’s logo or the logo of the featured speaker’s employer. Or it could be a generic image representing each item type specifically. Variable tile sizes for item display are used in the mobile app images to reflect the importance of each event.  Organizers can, therefore, specify the importance and saliency to be given to displays of specific events.  In this way, conference attendees have a visual cue to the type and importance of conference items and events.

Applications mobiles iPhone et Android pour conférences