Grenadine’s Team  continues to work hard to deliver new features and improvements to the Grenadine Event Planner. Here are some of the recent changes: New Check-in app for organizers (Free!) The new Grenadine “Check-in” mobile application allows organizers to scan tickets and check-in guests. It’s available for free on the Apple App Store and  Google Play Store today! Download and install this application on your mobile devices to check-in or check-out your registered attendees onsite! This application is fully integrated with the Grenadine Event Planner. You can find registrants by scanning their ticket QR code or you can search or scroll through the attendee list and perform manual check-in or check-out. The attendee’s check-in status is automatically updated in the Grenadine Event Planner as soon as they are checked-in or out. Do you have a dedicated team to check-in your attendees onsite? No problem! The application allows multiple people to check-in attendees in at the same time. And better, we also created a new “Checkin” role on the Planner allowing you to create “Checkin” users with limited access that will not count towards the user limit in your plan. So no need for you to buys new users just to manage your attendees onsite. Install for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store today! Web Check-in A new “Check in” page has been added to the planner to manage your attendees onsite. This page allows you to view, search and filter the list of attendees to manage their check-in or check-out statuses. As with the mobile application, if you have a barcode scanner plugged-in to you can scan ticket barcodes to automatically check an attendee in or out. This new “Check in” page is available under the “Ticket” menu. We also added a new report listing your attendee check-in status. CSS Management Advanced users can now go further in the customization of the event web sites by adding a custom CSS snippet to your Grenadine Public Site. Please note: this is for advanced users and Grenadine does not provide support or advice for building CSS. This new “Custom CSS” page is available under the “Publishing → Web Site Customization” menu. Avery Badges You are now able to generate attendee badges from the Grenadine Event Planner. In the new Report section (beta) there is a report where you can download a PDF suitable for use with Avery badge sheets 05393 (4” x 3”). New reports We continue to create new reports to help you make the most of the data in your Grenadine Event Planner and migrate existing Grenadine reports to the new report engine. There are more than 20 reports available and this list will continue to grow during the next releases. Be sure to take a look at the list of reports the “Reports → Reports (Beta)” menu.   Additional minor improvements:
  • You can now clone existing ticket types using the new “copy” button in the Ticket page.
  • You can now assign a program item to someone’s’ schedule. A new “add” button has been added in the People/Schedule tab to directly assign someone to one or more program items.
  • You can now filter organizations to show only the organizations having a role (sponsor, supplier, partner, exhibitor) on your event.
  • You can now assign and create ticket types for a published item from the program item detail form.
  • The program item form has been modified to make the sign-up requirements easier.
  • The ticket display on the events public websites (My Schedule, My Tickets) has been improved to include the same information as the pdf tickets.
  • The tickets confirmation emails has been modified to better present tickets information.
  • The help areas have been improved: a new area now appears below fields to display long help content to facilitate user reading.  
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