SF 2018 Grenadine Plan

In 2018, Grenadine will be offering a new plan just for the Sci-fi community!

Grenadine has been supporting the SF community around the world for many years and is very proud to have participated in the success of internationally renowned events such as Worldcon.

The SF community organizes with passion and on a voluntary basis great events like pros. Their main challenge is the budget and they have to try twice as hard to make event organization cost-effective.

Grenadine carries a lot of esteem to this community and wants to remain a privileged partner for them. That’s why we decided to offer a special plan for SF events.

What does it include?

It basically includes the full package! This plan will allow you to equip your event with all tools of the Grenadine solution.



Free for organizers

3.5% per ticket sold



It will be available from 2018 but you can already subscribe to this plan.

Are you ready?

SF Grenadine Plan

no monthly fee

only 3.5%

per ticket sold