1.A robust plan that anticipates the needs of your client

To make the event a real success, you must identify the customer’s needs and make them happy. Set up a first meeting to understand their requirements, define the event goals, time, location and budget. The power of listening and anticipating the client’s expectations is an essential quality that every good event planner has to have. This will help you build a loyal and trusting relationship.

2. Lots of options

It’s important to provide your client with many options for venues, catering, and activities that may suit the needs of their event. Create a list of venues that you can rely on and know will suit your client’s budget and goals. It’s important to do your research so that your client will be able to select the option that best meets their needs. Surprise them by anticipating their expectations. Always have a plan B, with less expensive or less/more extravagant options.

3. A trustworthy team and good coordination

To make your event a success, you need to surround yourself with qualified colleagues. Trust is essential, don’t waste time micromanaging your team. It is crucial to create a good coordination strategy. Every team mate must understand his role in the team and respect it. You need to have determined team members and avoid weak links.

4. Prudent budget management

The most important aspect to planning a successful event is to control and balance the client’s budget.

Any opportunity could be a good way to save money, but be careful not to be too frugal. The key to success is to always compare prices and their benefits to choose the right investment.