Grenadine 101 – Whats on now for your Electronic Notice Boards

Have you ever wanted to have an electronic notice board at your conference? One that tells people attending your event what is on now and where. Often venues have monitors and if they can display a web page they can also display what is on at your conference. Grenadine has a current schedule functionality which is easy to plug into electronic displays. This is available via your URL on your Grenadine conference site as a page that will show what is currently happening and what is up next in the next few hours. This development of this feature was sponsored by “Behind the Shutter” for ShutterFest 2016. A short description can also be found on the “Publish on Your Own Web Site” page within the planner. Let’s have a quick look in more detail what this does. Every event in the planner has a generated website. The URL takes the following format for an event: https://sites.grenadine.co/sites/organization/event_name Where the organization is replaced with the name of your organization in Grenadine and the event_name with the “path” that represents your event. For example for ShutterFest 2016 the site URL was https://sites.grenadine.co/sites/behindtheshutter/shutterfest2016 To see the current schedule you would add “items/current_schedule” to the URL: https://sites.grenadine.co/sites/behindtheshutter/shutterfest2016/items/current_schedule If you go to that URL you will see that there are no events at the current time. This is because the page shows what is currently on and the event is not currently happening. There are optional parameters to that be added to the URL that enable you to see what this looks like are a particular time. Try the following URL and you will see a scrolling page with items happening at the conference: https://sites.grenadine.co/sites/behindtheshutter/shutterfest2016/items/current_schedule/30/3/2016-03-29 11AM So what do those numbers mean? The first (30) is the number of seconds that it should take to get to the bottom of the page (when there are no parameters it defaults to 40 seconds). The second parameter is the number of hours to use to select items from the schedule i.e. the above URL says show what is on now and for the next 3 hours. The final parameter allows you to specify a day and time (otherwise, it will default to the current day and time). So you can also have a scrolling list of what currently happening now and upcoming events at your conference. Give it a try!