Send push messages to your attendees and speakers

grenadine-convention-mobile-apps-for-iphone-and-android Now that’s fun! We finally did it. You can now send push notifications on the Grenadine mobile app event guide to communicate in real-time with your speakers and attendees, before or during your event.   So, what is a push message ? It’s a notification that shows up on mobile devices to give an alert, reminder, or to send the latest news about an event, or a message you just received that you need to communicate to your attendees in a timely manner.   Messages that you send appear as text notifications on user’s lock screen or while they are using the app! Go in your event planner interface and select the “messages” menu item, then click on the link “mobile push notification” and send a new message. The message appears as follow on the user’s mobile phone:   img_2610img_2611