Setting up your email addresses

Grenadine Event Planner uses several email addresses when it interacts with your attendees and your speakers. If you haven’t checked what email addresses are used it’s important to take a few minutes and set them up properly for your account.

To set up email addresses, go to Settings -> System Settings and navigate to the Email section. Here you will find several email addresses, most of which you can set yourself to values that make sense for you.

Here’s what each email address is used for:

  • Info Email. This is the general address that will be published in various places on your websites and mobile apps and is meant to be the address where you, the event organizer, can be reached. For example, when we display a link called “contact the event organizer”, this is where we will send people’s messages.The Info Email is also used to notify you when certain things happen on your system, such as when a speaker sends you a file through the event website.Make sure that you set up the Info Email properly to a live address that represents your event and to which you will actually be able to respond.
  • From Email. This is the address marked in the “from” field when Grenadine Event Planner sends email on your behalf. By default, we’ll send email from, which is an address to which people cannot reply.Because of the way email senders are set up on the internet, you can’t just set a “from” address to whatever you choose without first doing some technical setup, otherwise what’s to stop you from putting in someone else’s “from” address without first getting permission. For this reason, this field is not editable by you.If you’re a subscriber to Grenadine Tier 3, you can ask us to customize the “from” address for you, and we’ll send instructions on what’s required on your part. Just contact our support team for that.
  • Reply-To Email. This is where mail gets send when your users hit the “reply” button on a message that you’ve sent them. You can set this address to whatever you need, perhaps to the same address as the Info Email above, or to a different email within your organization.Please note that “reply-to” works in some email clients and not in others. Some email clients send replies to the “from” address instead of the “reply-to” address, and there’s nothing we can do about how individual mail clients work.
  • cc Email. If you set an email address in this field, every email that is sent by Grenadine Planner on your behalf will also be cc’d to this address. Only fill this in if you really need it, because you may wind up getting lots of emails, depending on the volume of email that you send out!
  • Test Email. In some cases, you may ask Grenadine Event Planner to send a “test run” of emails. This can happen if you want to test a message that will be sent to many people, and you want to see the result before actually sending it out for real.When you send out a test email, all test messages will be sent to this address.