The Power of Offering Pay Later

Grenadine Event Management Software helps you plan events with ease from start to finish. Our app has many wonderful features that will help you and your team throughout the lifecycle of your event, allowing you to do everything you can to make sure it runs seamlessly.   That is why we have recently added the pay later feature.

With pay later, those attending your event can reserve their spots with peace of mind and use the following options to pay after registration:

  • Send a check through the mail
  • Send a wire transfer through their bank
  • Pay in cash (in person)
  • Send payment through interco or other private means
  • Send a transfer through other country-specific payment mechanisms such as Union, Tencent or Alipay (all in China)

Of course, we also offer the option to pay online (with Stripe.com, PayPal, or a number of other online payment methods), however, there are some cases when these convenient payment methods are not an option for your attendee; in these instances pay later is crucial to allow your attendees to register without any stress. Let’s take a look at when it would be ideal for you to use our pay later service to make the registration process stress-free for both you and your attendees.

Attendees Without a Business Credit Card

If your event is targeted toward corporate or industrial customers, it’s possible that your attendees’ registration will be paid for by their employer.  For example, employees of large institutions such as universities often do not have access to a company card to purchase their registration,  in these cases, pay later is the perfect solution. Attendees from trusted institutions can register for your event and pay with a check or money order by mail, or even in cash at your event.

This method of payment is incredibly helpful when you are holding an event with organizations you trust. To make things even easier you can use the Grenadine Mobile app to direct those who need to complete their registration by finalizing payments to the proper location once they are at your event.

Receiving Pay Later Payments

If you have received a check or money order from an attendee prior to the start date your event you can mark them as paid using the Grenadine Event Manager. To do this, navigate to the “Order” screen in Grenadine, locate the order and mark it as paid. The order will be marked as completed with a click of a button As always if you have any questions our support team is always happy to help.

We Give You Choice

We understand that an “all or nothing” pay later system could potentially create more work for you and your team that isn’t worth it for low-cost tickets. This is why we give you the best of both worlds by allowing you to auto-activate pay later only after a certain monetary amount if that is what best meets your needs. For example, if you are selling tickets for $5 allowing pay later could potentially increase the amount admin work you and your team need to do, that is why we will give you the choice to set a minimum amount for pay later.

A Dependable Solution

While pay later is great for attendees, it may seem risky for event organizers such as yourself. Sending a ticket, even if it is to someone from a trusted institution, to someone who has not paid would put your event at risk for losing money. This is why Grenadine gives you the ability to configure your checkout experience. If someone has requested a pay later ticket, Grenadine will then automatically send them an order confirmation, but no ticket.  For complete convenience, you have the option to send the tickets prior to receiving payment.

Pay later is just one of the many features that make Grenadine the premier event management software and mobile app. More information about our services and pricing can be found here