Tips to attract more clients

The Event Management Industry is a service industry, which means the most important way to improve your company is to attract clients and satisfy them. This is the key to everything. Here are some tips on how to get more and more clients for your business’ success!   winning-company
  1. Promote referrals.
Ask your clients to share their experience and impressions publicly by asking for feedbacks or reviews on your website, facebook page, or other review website where you’re listed.
  1. Find your leads.
Use informational platforms such as Linkedin, which gives specific details about companies you can target and people you should contact. Google is also a good platform for everything including leads. It is not only a good way to find leads, but also survey the competition and identify people who can help your business grow faster, such as suppliers or partners.
  1. Provide deals to clients.
Sponsorship programs are a good way to get more clients. Indeed, your client will refer your company to a friend and both of them will receive a discount in return. You can also set up a loyalty program with long-term clients by offering them lower rates. In summary, your discount criteria should reflect the type of customer you are targeting.
  1. Put a face to your company.
Make a youtube video or a Facebook live session of you answering common questions you receive, and share your thoughts about market trends and challenges that you’ve overcome.
  1. Become a speaker.
Attend conferences that deal with your domain of expertise, and share your experience as a professional and an expert. It will encourage potential clients to contact and trust you. It represents one of the best ways to showcase you and your business, creating a positive image of the company or brand. Overcome shyness and engage with your professional colleagues and potential clients. Give advice, discuss issues you have faced and have overcome . Now go forth and attract more clients to your event management company !