Tips to plan big events

In the last 15 years, we saw lots of evolution in the world wide web. Other technologies like the new Google car were announced, without any driver and 100% autonomous, and numerous inventions such as the Virtual reality mask which will be a very interesting event trend for 2017.

Technology has taken such a big part of our lives that it’s now necessary to talk about it, to share it, and this need for a discussion it is the origin of one of the largest events in Europe: the Web summit.

The Web summit is 4-days and nights event, gathering more than 50,000 attendees, 2,000 volunteers from 165 countries and thousands of startups from the 7th to the 10th of November 2016. It is an event where expectations have to be met, and most importantly be valuable. It was also the occasion to attend conferences handled by speakers like the Co-founder of Tinder, the CTO of Facebook, etc. What are the most important parts of caring in such a big event planning?

Attendees’ experience

Attendees’ experience is one of the most important aspects of the event, and organizers need to make sure they give attendees the best experience possible.

It is a real objective for event planners to meet attendee’s needs and to exceed them, to make the attendee’s experience a real memory.

At the Web Summit event which took place in Lisbon, the event mobile app allowed people to meet, attendees to schedule meetings with professionals, volunteers or even startups.

Thanks to the event’s mobile app, everyone had access to a live agenda where they were able to choose and book their talks or meetings to attend.

The most interesting feature of this app gave also the ability for people to replay all videos from meetings and conferences which happened during the event: a real value for the mobile app!

Volunteer management

Volunteers represent one of the biggest parts of such a big event. As such, they are considered as an important resource for the organizer and their activities need to be well planned. Planning volunteer schedules was a real challenge because volunteers came from more than a hundred different countries. Some keys for success identified by the Web Summit were:


– Creating a web summit volunteer facebook group

– Advanced meetings between volunteers in order that everyone knows each other

– Creation of Youtube videos to train them before the event

– A volunteer guidebook, including Q&As, examples to answer attendees’ questions.


These ideas are easy to plan and very important to make sure volunteers are well trained, and to make attendees’ experience a success.

Content management

Every event organizer has to be careful in selecting appropriate speakers and organizing their schedules well. A meticulous selection has to be made because speakers’ speech quality will be an important part of your event’s success.

Speakers and their content should be valuable and, if at all possible, exceed the attendees’ expectation. Examples reported that the Web Summit include presentations from people such as Gary Vayner chuck from Vayner Media, and Joseph Gordon-Lewitt from the hitRecord. Their speech engaged the audience and brought value.


If you plan the same event every year, make sure to get attendees feedbacks to improve the next one.

Finally, the key to success is to gather passionate people which all have an interest in the event you are planning.